Nikita Neufeld & Guests

February 2 – 13 2011
Kunsthalle Göppingen

An exhibition with international media artists:

Viktor Alimpiev, Clare Langan, Dirk Meinzer, Nikita Neufeld, Astrid Nippoldt, Julia Oschatz, Susanne Weirich

The main theme of the new exhibition by the media artist Nikita Neufeld in Kunsthalle Göppingen
is fiction. The exhibition presents fictional elements in photography, video and film. Even the
artist herself is a fiction….

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Info : I Kunsthalle Göppingen I
Marstallstraße 55 I D-73033 Göppingen I
Opening hours: Di bis Fr 13-19 Uhr, Sa, So 11-19 Uhr (bis 13. Februar