48 hours Neukölln. Future III. Art Girls with english subs at Noon

Wolf Kino

Weserstr. 59  12045  Berlin
June 15 Sat 00:00 to 02:00

A science fiction film by Robert Bramkamp and Susanne Weirich with Real Art by Paul McCarthy, Maren Strack, Joseph Beuys and others:
The Berlin artists Nikita Neufeld , Una Queens and Fiona da Vinci will exhibit at the “Art Gate”, which is sponsored by a biotech company under the direction of the Maturana brothers. It soon becomes clear, however, that the exhibition only provides a framework for questionable experiments. With far-reaching consequences: Between utopia and catastrophe, art and reality begin to merge, and a collective WIR intelligence is emerging. What is reality and what is art? A future utopia in the art context.