The Boat God of the Lakeside Sports Club (2006)

Harold Enkert, a participant of Germany’s job creation measures and the reincarnation of the Sumerian Boat God Enki, goes through the myth anew with improvement in mind. Within a cinematic microcosm in which Lake Scharmützel (Berlin) geographically merges with the Mesopotamia of antiquity, Enki, as a divinity, presides over and expands the work forms by promising humanity 100 new ME – one hundred new abilities to do, recognize or be something.

He co-operates with local partners who, when testing of their abilities, are advised and assisted by an international, ever-expanding expanding network. Parallel to this, 100 individuals are giving the chance to participate in, an Internet story telling project by Robert Bramkamp and Susanne Weirich.



Writer, Director, Editor
Robert Bramkamp
Jakobine Motz
Original Music by
Max Knoth
Production Manager
Gamma Bak, Conny Klaus
Assistant Production Manager
Jessica Páez
Michael Clemens
Casting ENKI
Karen Wendland
Production Consultant
Thomas Kufus
Steffen Scheumann, Jörg Wenke, Hanne Wenke, Mario Mentrup und Mitglieder des Seesportclubs Wendisch-Rietz
BramkampWeirich GbR in co-production with zdf / arte, Doris Hepp (executive production)
Funded by
Kulturstiftung des Bundes (Cultural Federal Foundation)
Beta, color
88 min.
Duisburger Filmwoche 2005, Volksbühne and Brotfabrik Berlin, Filmmuseum München, Lichtmess Hamburg, Orfeo Frankfurt
19.08.2006, (arte)