Teststand 7 – DVD (NTSC)

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Prüfstand 7 / Teststand 7 (DVD) – NTSC version



Prüfstand 7 / Teststand 7 (DVD) – NTSC version

Written and directed by Robert Bramkamp.

NTSC worldwide playable, 112 minutes.

Uncut International Version: Subtitles imprinted / Audio Track 2 English Commentary.

Audio 1: German Originalversion. Audio 2: International version with engl. undertitles and engl. commentators. TV-Standard NTSC (Attention! The TV standard of this DVD is the NTSC system. Check if your player and/or TV is able to play NTSC). English Subtitles imprinted.

starring Inga Busch, Peter Lohmeyer, Matthias Fuchs, Cristin König, Mario Mentrup, Friedich Kittler, Helmut Höge; featuring scenes from Thomas Pynchon’s “Gravity’s Rainbow”

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