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Teststand 7 – Press quotations

“…revolves around the ghost of the rocket, playing the storyline against interviews and actual film footage – a hybrid art product, fascinatingly oscillating between technique, story, visions of space, myths and male fantasies of omnipotence.”
(Christina Moles Kaupp; Tagesspiegel)

“Inga Busch as Bianca embodies a (clarifying) clear exploratory medium between fiction and reality. Bramkamp lets his heroine develop a vision which Pynchon possibly does not dare to express openly: the chance must exist for human relationships to work non-mechanically.”
(Michael Frömberg; spex – Magazin für Popkultur)

“His film is contemplative while nonetheless ironic, conceptually complex and simultaneously full of childlike playfulness. It poses questions as if it assumes to supply answers… well worth seeing!”
(Claus Löser; tip Berlin)

(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

“A well-placed display of fireworks.”
(Rainer Knepperges, Frankfurter Rundschau)

“Out of pure boredom I turned on the tube. And I see Inga playing a reporter researching the fate of the daughter of a forced laborer at the Nazi rocket development centre Peenemünde. Mike can give an account of this film, Prüstand 7, shot for shot. “And then, one of the V2 builders says that every launch failure seemed to him as if Death committed suicide.” Mike uses this association to explain the attraction of the dragster scene.”
(Norbert Sorg, Das Motorrad 8/2003)

“Bramkamp’s film is many things in one… a fabulous pool of images about associations between high-tech and holocaust… a film that is a radical critique of the manner in which history is dealt with in cinema, television, press and simultaneously a comprehensive concept of history which, completely self-assured and brilliantly, deals with – as only Achternbusch or Godard can do this well – a central aspect of film: how the so-called fictional and so-called documentary cannot be separated.”
(Michael Girke, Junge Welt)

“Myths, documentary and plot development infuse one and another… a film which demands multiple viewing… well worth seeing.”
(Hans Messias, Filmdienst)

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