Press quotations – an excerpt
various sources


“It deals with real tumors, false diagnosises and general hysteria. Psychiatrists and therapists are the target group of the Bramkampian humor.”
(Alexander Kluge)

“An unruly comedy of manners which comes up with a whole slew of unusual, amusing directorial ideas.”
(Blickpunkt Film)

“The film gains its suspense and humor from rapid direction and a film script overflowing with ideas.”

“Last but not least, thanks to the excellent trio of lead actors, an utterly fabulous cinematic coup.”
(Szene Hamburg)

“Each Bramkamp film is a small liberating piece of work, and since they always combine amusement with a bit of working imagination, these films can become somewhat addictive… Bramkamp manages to finally open rooms in film which have already been entered in literature and the visual arts; in doing so he is one of the few innovators in cinema, more important than all the melancholy calligraphy, ‘zeitgeistery’ and mythomania that we have gotten used to.” (Georg Seeßlen, epd film) “An island in the rut of German comic monotony… The fascination comes from the combinations which Bramkamp uses to lead the German cinema into new narrative forms.”
(Jan Distelmeyer, taz)

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