by Robert Bramkamp

“This film looks a lot different than the film which we had expected would change our lives.” Following the fall of the Wall in Germany, Jörg and Hanne Wenke founded the Lakeside Sports Club in Wendisch-Rietz. The club, which is in continual financial danger, is one of the few places in that region of Brandenburg with any social energy and appeal. More so than money, what the club really lacks are the helping hands of adults.

The job-creation program participant Steffen Enkert—the reincarnation of Enki, the Sumerian God of Boats—discovers that for numerous reasons the club corresponds to the ancient and unique “Land of Reeds” from whence the Sumerian civilization originated. With improvement in mind, he once again goes through the mythology of Enki and the World Order. Within a cinematic microcosm in which Lake Scharmützel (Berlin) geographically merges with the Mesopotamia of antiquity, Enki, as a divinity, presides over and expands the work forms by promising humanity 100 new ME: One hundred new abilities to do, recognize or be something. He co-operates with local partners who, when testing of their abilities, are advised and assisted by an international, ever-expanding network.

The Boat God of the Lakeside Sports Club (The 100 >ME<), which utilizes a hybrid of documentary and filmic forms to create a film and Internet-based narrative project featuring 100 authorized positions regarding future work forms, is, according to Enki, “the ideal form for the dissemination of the 100 Me”. The network consists of people, firms, and institutions which seldom intersect in normal day-to-day life. The rediscovery and retesting of the Me bases itself and builds upon the varied abilities and professions within the network, and can thus achieve a great complexity. Within the network, all forms of reciprocal influence are possible, with medial and practical forms connecting at varied terrains and timbres in an open process. The only thing predefined and fixed is the arena in which abilities of the Me Partners are to be depicted and described. Each new Me must help, be it directly or indirectly, to improve the framework conditions of the club.

Part 1 of the 100 Me is a film: “The Boat God of the Lakeside Sports Club”, a docu fictional blend narrating the creation of the Internet-based network “”. The film is a tale of collective continual narration in which reality changes alongside and with the story. Robert Bramkamp

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